PACESC is very honored to be able to serve the homeschool community and your family in particular.  I cannot believe another membership period has come to an end.  Hope you and your children have had a wonderful home schooling experience.

Homeschoolers now eligible to participate in public school interscholastic sports and activities: The Equal Access to Interscholastic Activities Act (SC Code of Law 59-63-100) also known to some as the "Tim Tebow Law" PASSED and was signed into law on June 7th by Governor Nikki Haley. What this means for homeschool children...

South Carolina has granted equal access to home school students to public school interscholastic activities. It is the student's responsibility to attend the initial try-outs/practices and provide the coach/school with any additional information or documentation necessary to verify that the student is eligible to compete (i.e., transcripts, physical exam, birth certificate, etc.).

You can view the law in its entirety at

Points to note (please read above law in its entirety. It it not my intention here to give a full or partial legal summary of the law. Bold, italics, and underlines added by me for emphasis.

Section 59-63-100 (A)

(3) 'Home school student' is a child taught in accordance with Section 59-65-40, 59-65-45, or 59-65-47  (PACESC falls under this statute!) and has been taught in accordance with one of these sections for a full academic year prior to participating in an interscholastic activity pursuant to this section.

(4) 'Interscholastic activities' includes, but is not limited to, athletics, music, speech, and other extracurricular activities.


(3) student participating in interscholastic activities:

(a) resides within the attendance boundaries of the school for which the student participates;

(4) student notifies the superintendent (PACESC has linked form that must be used for this purpose) of the school district in writing of his intent to participate in the interscholastic activity as a representative of the school before the beginning date (see link below for schedule of dates) of the season for the activity in which he wishes to participate.

(C) A public school student who has been unable to maintain academic eligibility is ineligible to participate in interscholastic activities as a charter school student, Governor's school student, or home school student for the following semester. To establish eligibility for subsequent school years, the student's teacher shall certify by submitting an affidavit to the school district that the student meets the relevant policies of the school at which the student wishes to participate.

Please remember, these are just excerpts pulled from the law. Please review the law for yourself at the link provided above.

You may click HERE to read the full text of the new law, and HERE for a form you may use to notify your local public school superintendent (required) of your intention to participate.

You may visit the South Carolina High School League website to view a calendar of dates and deadlines for participation in sports during the upcoming school year.

PACESC allows homeschoolers to choose their own path (including SCVSP, public school sports, mixed student placement, dual credit, and CLEP). I have never understood why some accountability organizations want to limit the opportunities or options that are available to homeschooling families. If there is an option available that you do not wish to participate in or support, then by all means do not take part in it! However, there are many families who need to have these options available. Therefore, to give homeschooling parents the greatest FREEDOM in providing for their children  PACESC allows parents to choose the methods and options they feel appropriate and that do not go against their beliefs or conscience.

PACESC does not bar membership from families who choose to have a child(ren) in public or private school while homeschooling their other child(ren).

PACESC allows students to utilize the South Carolina Virtual School Program. Many organizations bar this as they see it as public school intrusion. Each parent must decide for their family the reasons they homeschool and how they will reach their child's goals. PACESC is listed as a school under the SCVSP and as such your child is not registered as a "public school student" when using the program under our group. Make no mistake, the program is set up and licensed for the SC public school program meaning the teachers are state certified, the classes meet SC standards, and as such they are secular and not Christian oriented. They espouse world views, teach evolution, and often lean left of center socially and politically.

PACESC allows students to participate in SC public school interscholastic activities as signed into law on June 7, 2012. Read the section above if you are not already familiar with this new opportunity.

PACESC allows students to take classes at technical schools and community colleges that offer Dual Credit to high school students. We have many students earning college credit while still in high school. We have even had students gain their first associate degree by the end of their Senior year of high school. Quite an accomplishment! Don't forget the opportunity to take CLEP tests to get college credit also.

There are a few district technical schools open for public school students that do allow homeschool students to take classes. These may include charter school programs. I do not have a list but I know that one in Dorchester County and one in Orangeburg has allowed students to take courses.

IF you utilize an option that you think may be of interest to others, please let me know. I am trying to gather as much information for the group as I can. I can not possibly know about all of the methods and options that are families are taking advantage of. Please share with me by emailing me at

PACESC's job is to AFFORD EACH ELIGIBLE FAMILY THE RIGHT TO HOMESCHOOL. It is not the job of PACESC to DICTATE OR INTERFERE IN A PARENT'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT IS BEST FOR THEIR OWN CHILD... where the SC homeschool law is being adhered to and complied with. 

Updates to Our Site include new forms to make getting information to us quicker and easier. We hope to soon be able to do most of our communication and documentation online. This will cut down on hassle and printing & postage costs for our members and for PACESC. Know I am hard at work to get things out to you and update our site to post new forms and information. Some forms have changed slightly and others have been added that were previously only available in print form.

Of course as always, you can join PACESC or renew your membership online. It is an honor to serve your family.

Updated forms simplify things for members:

The Enrollment Form (used by New and Returning Homeschoolers) now verifies Legal Eligibility of parent/legal guardians to teach their child at home under SC 3rd option homeschool law. This has always been a requirement for membership. Every family membership file must have it documented that the primary parent/teacher has at least a High School Diploma or GED. In the past we have asked members to complete the Parent/Teacher doc Form or return the "Notary Form" to accomplish this requirement. To simplify things, this information is now part of our enrollment form.

AS PER MEMBER REQUEST: The Year End Compliance (YEC) Statement can now be completed online! See the sidebar menu to access the form or click here.

Reporting High School grades can be done online. Why are we asking for this and is it required? If you are absolutely against sending grades in and having your children's grades on file, then by all means it is not a requirement. However, please know that we do not report this information to any entity without your expressed request and approval. GPA allows us to determine eligibility for honor society, jr. scholars, and driver discounts for insurance purposes among others. It is offered as an advantage for our high school students.

When do I send them? Please send prior homeschool credits (or allow us to request records from private/public schools) shortly upon joining.  Once you are a member we request that completed 7th-11th grade credits be submitted yearly, if possible, for the current school year (yes 7th & 8th graders can earn credit). For Seniors wishing to be eligible for SC scholarship money [Palmetto Fellows Scholarship- based on GPA & SAT/ACT-, Life, or Hope], credits must be completed and submitted by June 5th. Abiding by the regulations of the Commission on Higher Education who determines eligibility and funding, Seniors completing course work beyond the June 5th date will not be able to apply for these scholarship monies.

Complete online form (click here) for each grade level for credits earned.

Updating your member information or adding a student (changing student status) just became easier! Having accurate member information is essential for PACESC. Use the form to update information on your current membership. *Important: This is not a renewal form.* See the sidebar menu to access the Member Update Form or click here.

Withdrawing one student or your whole family? PACESC hates to see you leave but we understand that circumstances and needs change. BEFORE YOU GO: Please, make sure your YEC has been completed if you finished the whole year with us and that we have your Parent/Teacher Document on file (formerly the "Notary Form").... It has been a pleasure serving your family. Please use the sidebar menu to access the Withdraw: Child or Family form or click here.

Join or Re-Enroll with PACESC today. It is a pleasure serving each of you. I enjoy speaking with you throughout the year and am happy when I can help. I am here to offer support and comfort and to give guidance and advice. I have homeschooled my own children who are now done with high school and off to other adventures starting their own families. My husband and I have also just recently adopted and are off again on another wonderous homeschooling journey. PACESC has no intention to close its doors and instead has many plans to increase and expand our services going forward. Hop on board or welcome back! Either way, it is gonna be a great year!

Remember to send in your Year End Compliance Statements once your 180 days is completed and don't forget to Renew.  Please remember the importance of keeping your records.  It is the law.  Go to Online Form

Transcript Services are available for students returning to public or private school. This service is our "Interim Transcript Service". PACESC also has a "Full Transcript Service" available for our homeschool students in high school. This official transcript and diploma has been accepted by colleges, universities, and scholarship boards.We have also had many of our students go into the military when finished with high school.

I am often asked "When do I need to enroll my student in this service?" And my answer is as soon as they begin to earn high school credit and at least by the time they are in their Junior Year. This one-time fee covers all credit earning years and includes an official transcript when needed for early admission and scholarship applications and a final official transcript and diploma at the end of the Senior year. We will send it out to colleges at your request. Lock in the price today. Once you enroll your student, your rate for that student will not change or increase (even if the package price changes later).

*Note that if you have a Senior in need of this service, it is not too late. If your student has already graduated and you need assistance in creating your transcript, you may still use this service.

Go to our transcript page to complete the form and get information. Click

Record Keeping  is still available for those who wish to continue using the online record keeping system at homeschoolreporting. However, we will no longer be splitting these costs with our members. You will have to pay their entire fee.  We are working on other options and will be getting that information out as we put it together.

Working hard to bring these to you soon...

  • we will be able to digitize your student's records to CD.  This will be a handy way for you to finally do away with all those boxes and file drawers of records and condense them onto CD.  They will be in Adobe format that can be searched, read, and/or printed.  Imagine... all that recovered space!  And no more... how long do I keep this mess?!
  • we HAD someone finally working on a blog site and a happening page for our site.  However, they did not follow through... So, I will be working on these this year. They should be up soon after the Enrollment Rush is through.  You will be able to see what is going on around the state and we welcome your announcements.  We will also be placing information we receive about contests, scholarships, and colleges.
  • either the blog site or the newsletter will carry lessons and activities to make homeschooling fun and interesting. I want this to give parents encouragement and be a supplemental resource.

Again, thank you for allowing us to serve your family for another year.  Blessings to you and your families.

Phyllis  Lowder, Director

PHONE: 843-899-4333  FAX: 866-723-8939