This is only a quick guide to some of the forms included on this website.

High School Grade Report form.

Please use a different form for each year for a student. Fill out one form for EACH year you are reporting for a student.

Homeschool courses can include courses the student has taken under the direction of the teaching parent even if the courses are completed using online materials or at a homeschool co-op. Dual Credit courses taken at the local community college or technical college are listed and additional documentation is required. AP credits also require additional documentation. Please contact PACESC if you have questions about meeting any additional requirements.

Term & Instructions read & understood. This refers to the fact that the teaching parent completing the form has read the information included on that page before submitting the grade form.

Year Credit Earned: Select the school year for which the credit work is being claimed. The student may complete course work for more than one grade level in a calendar year. Course work may take longer, however credit is claimed in the year the course is completed. A parent may decide to take 1/2 credit for each year (however it is not always best to divide a typical one year course in the manner). ALL the credit work included on this form should reflect credits claimed in only one calendar school year.

Course Title: It is important that course titles are carefully chosen to reflect the level of accomplishment in subject material that student attained. Titles should provide clarity and be self-explanatory. Instead of just listing Apprenticeship, a better designation may be Clerical Apprenticeship or Plumbing Apprenticeship. Better than Bible listed for four years is specifying Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Church History, etc. English !-4 or 9-12 includes grammar, composition, and literature. Additional Literature credits can be earned in separate studies such as Intro to Literature, British Lit, American Lit, etc. Be aware that the typical American Government OR Economics course is usually 1/2 credit each when taken separately and grades individually. However, some programs such as AOP combine both in a History 12.. proper listing would be one full credit and a single numerical grade for "American Gov't & Economics".

There is much more that can be discussed here but not enough time or space to do it justice. If you need assistance or guidance in this or other matters of credits, do not hesitate to contact PACESC.

Curriculum Used: This could not your materials which could simply be Abeka, Notgrass, Rosetta Stone Level 2, YMCA, Co-op Class, Private Music Lessons, or a list of the books and materials that were compiled to complete the credit work.

Final Numerical Grade OR Pass/Fail Method: Do not get in the habit of liberally assigning automatic 100's to courses you are not sure how to evaluate or that are not structured. If you have questions about this matter, please contact PACESC. If this appears to be the case according to the paperwork (form) submitted, we will contact you for further details and guidance. Physical Education, Driver Education, and music lessons are some of the classes where this can become a issue.

Course Level: Most courses will be classified as typically Tech Prep and College Prep. Both receive the same GPA weighting and are nearly meant to lend clarity to subject material for colleges and institutions receiving an official transcript. Honors is a designation for courses that have requirements above and beyond the typical requirements for a normal CP course such as additional reading and papers, expanded study on various topics within the course, etc. Some publishers have geared their material to higher standards and requirements and designate their material as an "Honors" course. To use this designation, the course must be worked in it's entirety in the way in which the publisher has suggested. Any questions can be directed to PACESC.

Units Earned & Criteria Used: The following chart illustrates course work as is generally accepted for credit. Earning less than 1/2 credit (such as 1/3 or 1/4) is generally frowned upon.

 Criteria1 Full Credit
 1/2 (0r 0.5) Credit
 TX: Textbook
 Not less than 2/3
of the text
Not less than 1/3
of the text
 LG: Logged Hours
or Entries
 Not less than 120
 Not less than 60
 AA: Apprenticeship
or Job
 1 Year Worked
 1/2 Year Worked
 OI: Outside Instruction
 One of above
must apply
One of above
must apply

Hope this information is helpful. When in doubt or if you have any questions, please do hesitate to contact PACESC.

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