IT IS POLICY!:   Effective Immediately!

SC Homeschool Law requires that a parent or legal guardian teaching their child must have at least a High School Diploma or GED. To protect PACESC's accountability association and every member that is depending on us... The Parent/Teacher Educational Compliance Form (formerly the "Notary Form") must be on file for every member family.  This paperwork has always been required and the multiple requests which include printing, postage, and administration time and are costing the association money.  Therefore....

  • No reenrollment will be processed for a family until this form is on file in our office.
  • No transcript and/or diploma will be generated for a child until this form is on file in our office.
  • If you need this form:
    • Please go to the side menu and click "Printable Forms" .  Print out the Notary Form, have it completed, and mail it to our office as soon as possible.
    • OR You may fill out this online form.
  • REMEMBER... this form must only be completed once.  If you have already completed this step.... Thank You.