Homeschoolers often call our office for information and advice.  We field the same questions day-in and day-out.  We are sure many of you share these same questions.  We hope to be of service by adding some of the most common questions, or the most frequently asked.  We will be adding many more as time allows.  If you do not get your specific question answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are presently working on these.  Links to the information will be made available as the section is completed.  Most information will be on the most basic level and then approved upon and reposted as we have time.  We feel it is most important to get as much of this information out as possible as soon as possible. 


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Homeschool!  Who Me?:  

  • Can I homeschool my child? 
  • Can I teach children other than my own?
  • How do I get started?
  • Withdrawing your child from public school.
  • What is required to homeschool my child?
  • Family members are bugging me about "Socialization"!!!!

Records and Requirements:

  • What subjects are required?
  • What records am I required to keep?
  • How should I accomplish this?
  • How do I do a "semi-annual progress report"?
  • What about testing?
  • What constitutes a "school day"?
  • What about "sick days"?
  • Can I count "field trips"?

Standardized Testing Resources:

Dealing with the authorities (school district officials, DSS, etc.)

  • What notification do I have to give the local public school or school district office?
  • How do I obtain my child's records from their last school?
  • What if I am contacted by authorities concerning my homeschooling?

Special Needs and Special Circumstances:

  • Is it legal to homeschool a child with special needs? Are the laws the same?
  • Can a special needs child still receive assistance and resources from the district if we homeschool?
  • I suspect my child has a disability.  Where can I get information and help?
  •  My child has been expelled.  Can we still homeschool and get credit for it?  OR My child is up for expulsion, but has not yet been expelled.
  • My child is under a court order to attend school (due to legal, behavioral, or truancy issues, etc.).  Can I legally withdraw my child and homeschool?
  • Can I homeschool my adopted child?
  • Can I homeschool my foster child?

Grade Levels:

  • I have a preschooler.
  • What about teaching my Kindergarten student?
  • My child would be in middle school.
  • I have a high schooler.
  • Can my child skip a grade?
  • My child is really behind in school.


  • Is testing required?
  • What tests are available?
  • Can my child take the PSAT/ PACT/ SAT/ ACT?
  • How does my child register for the College Board exams?
  • Can you suggest test prep materials?
  • What about the GED? 

Home for High School:

  • Your High School Plan.
  • Can my child get a high school diploma?
  • Can my child go to college if he is homeschooled?
  • Graduation requirements.
  • What is a Technology course? What is Career Education?
  • What about P.E.? Home Economics?
  • What courses fulfill subject area requirements?
  • Can my child take the PSAT, SAT, or ACT? 
  • What is a "Carnegie unit" and how do I count them?
  • Is there a thing such as "fast track"? Can my child graduate early?
  • My child does not want the public school "certificate of attendance".  How can my child get a diploma even if they are learning disabled?
  • What is the "SC Uniform Grading Scale Policy"?
  • Can you explain Honors courses, AP, and Dual Credit?
  • My child failed a class.  He retook it and passed it the second time.  Can we just drop the first attempt?

Getting a Driver's License:

Home School Honor Society:

  • Please explain how the honor society works. (Eta Sigma Alpha National Homes School Honor Society).

Scholarship Information:

  • Is my homeschool student able to qualify for South Carolina Scholarships?
  • SC Scholarship information:
    • Need-Based Grants
    • LIFE Scholarship Program
    • HOPE Scholarship Program
    • Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program
    • Lottery Tuition Assistance Program
  • What about other scholarships?
  • Is my homeschool student able to qualify for Athletic College Scholarships?

Curriculum (Books!):

  • How do I know what to use?
  • Where do I get my child's books?

Returning to Public or Private School:

  • Can my child return to public school if we choose?
  • Will the public school accept the high school credits earned at home?


  • Will my child need them?
  • How do I request them when needed?

Other Resources for SC Homeschoolers:

  • Carolina Homeschooler
  • DMV: SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles
  • HSLDA: Home School Legal Defense Association
  • SC Colleges
  • SC Commission on High Education
  • SC Department of Education
  • SC Directory of School Districts and Schools
  • SC General Assembly
  • SCHEA: the state-wide support group
  • SC Information Highway (


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