Standardized Testing Resources

Traditional Academic Tests and Testing Services:

  • Bayside School Services  1-800-723-3057
    • CAT/5
    • TCS/2
      • These test are administered at home by the parent.
  • Bob Jones University Press:  1-800-845-5731 Offers a variety of testing materials for the homeschool family.
    • Stanford Acheivement Test
    • Iowa Basic Skill
      • For these two tests you must use a BJU certified tester. For a tester in your area, call BJUP. Check with your local support group to see if they do this together.
    •  California Achievement Test (CAT/5)
      • Administered by the parent. Return test for scorin
  • Brigance Diagnostic Inventories: These are tests that parents or professionals may administer to determine what skills a child has or has not mastered. These tests are used routinely in public and private schools to develop an IEP.
    • Inventory of Early Development (yellow) — birth through developmental age 7.
    • Inventory of Basic Skills (blue) — grades K-6.
    • Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills (green) — grades preK-9
    • Inventory of Essential Skills (red) — grades 6-adult.
  • Family Learning Organization  800-405-TEST
    • CAT-5
    • Metropolitan
    • Non-Test Assessments
  • Harcourt, Inc.  1-800-211-8378
    • Stanford 9 and 10 Achievement Test
  • Hewitt Educational Resources 360-835-8708/ 1-800-890-4097
    • PASS Test for 3rd - 8th.
      • This test is administered at home by the parent. It was designed for homeschoolers.
  • HSLDA...Are you a member of HSLDA? As a member you can rent tests. HSLDA web site:  email address: 
    • The Woodcock-Johnson PsychoEducational Battery-Revised, Tests of Achievement: This individually administered test is useful for children who may not test well in a group setting. It must be administered by a special education teacher. 
  • Landmark Freedom Baptist Church  1-800-700-LFBC
    • The Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT) has been around for over 60 years and is still used in public schools. The test covers spelling, math, and reading in 45 minutes to an hour.
    • All ages.
  • Sycamore Tree  1-800-779-6750
    • CTSB

Gifted and Talented Testing

Testing for Learning Disabilies and Special Needs

  • Dr. Joe P. Sutton  1-803-967-4729
    • editor of the book, Special Education: A Biblical Approach and co-author to, Strategies for Struggling Learners: A guide for the Teaching Parent, is a certified educational diagnostician and experienced special education teacher.
    • He offers the following services to home educators: screening tests, disability evaluations, diagnostic skill evaluations, achievement tests, and special education consulting.
      • Arrangements can be made for on-site testing in home school communities.
  • (Retired) Dr. John Blanchard 1-425-822-2772 - 12721 NE 100 First Place Kirkland, Wash 98033 email:
    • Christian resources for Dyslexia and other learning disorders.
  • Nelson

*NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list.  There are other sources not listed here.  If you have knowlegde of any tests or testing services you would like to see listed, please email us.

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