Terms & Instructions for the High School Grade Report

PACESC has created the High School Grade Report to be used to report grades for high school students only. The form in and of itself does not result in an official transcript. An official transcript and diploma is available through our Transcript Service. The intended use of this form is to provide a way for our members to report high school grades and earned credits so PACESC students may receive a ranking and GPA for consideration of scholarship nomination and for other services such as auto  insurance "good student" verifications.

If you wish to have an Official Transcript and Diploma to be produced, please enroll your high school student in our Full Transcript Service. More information for this service can be found on our Transcript Forms page.

Reporting high school grades to PACESC using the following guidelines...

In compliance with SC homeschool code 59-65-47, it the responsibility of the teaching parent to keep certain records for each of their students. The parent decides what work is at the 9th-12th grade level, what grade level the child is working in, and chooses high school curriculum for each student according to his/her needs.

There is no time limit on how long a subject must be studied. Credit is granted in the year the credit is completed.

Seniors must report all credits earned through their Junior year by the requested date (notification will be sent via email) to be considered for ranking services and consideration for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship among other scholarships and awards.

Transfer Credit Work: If a student previously earned credits (even as an 8th grader) while in public or private school, a charter school (public, private, or online), college courses, AP classes, and correspondence courses, PACESC will request an official grade transcript from that institution to verify and include credits earned. All credits, earned and attempted, must be reported and recorded.  The student is responsible for the payment of any fee required by the  reporting institution. In most cases, PACESC is able to secure the educational record. However, in some cases the student my actually request that the information be released to PACESC.

Homeschool Credit Work: PACESC will accept credits reported for courses while a homeschool student was compliant with homeschool laws regardless of whether coursework was completed in another state or under a different SC homeschool association. The same reporting data will be required.

Homeschooling parents in SC are required to keep records of attendance, daily journal, samples of work and progress evaluations. Homeschool laws vary from state to state as to what is required as documentation. Parents should at the very least endeavor to keep careful records of the courses, books, textbooks, classes, and evaluations that their student used to complete course work.

Documentation begins with the High School Grade Report Form. PACESC will request transcripts when necessary from prior educational institutions. IF additional documentation is requested, the parent agrees to do everything within their power to comply. This is not always necessary. Some of the documentation that may be requested could include, but not limited by, transcripts from other institutions, letters of homeschool compliance or membership from prior states or associations, progress reports, copies of course descriptions or syllabus, standardized test scores (always when PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores are included), additional information when claiming Honors and AP classes. Please be aware that this additional documentation may not apply in every case.

PLEASE read How To Complete The Form: High School Grade Report now before going the form.