You may use this form to withdraw a single student from your membership due to a change in their status. You may also use this form to fully withdraw your family from our association.

A note about withdrawing... If you are returning your children to public or private school, they will request records.  I have parents sign request for records forms at the school every year without sending me any records from which to report.  How am I supposed to report grades and attendance to the school if you have not sent them first to me?  (If you return your children to public school, especially middle or high school... the school may require a transcript.  See our "Transcript Services" page and request an Interim Transcript if it is required for the school to receive records directly from us.)

ABOUT THIS FORM...?     Please complete Items 1-14.  That is the only way we will be certain that we have the current information and that it is posted to the correct account.  If withdrawing a child only and keeping the rest of the members active, please complete Items 15-17. Make sure you include your name and date at the very bottom of the form before submitting.