Who is PACESC?

We are a dedicated homeschooling family who has a strong commitment to the homeschool movement. Our homeschool experience spans sixteen years, during which time we have been actively helping newcomers, supporting fellow homeschool families, and investigating and learning about all aspects of homeschooling.
Our purpose is to help families build strong foundations in the homeschooling arena by: (1) providing an umbrella organization which allows families to homeschool under SC law Section 59-65-47, (2) be a tool for information, (3) to give support, and (4) to give members a forum to share ideas and barter/sell goods and services to one another. It is also our goal to provide all of the above at a cost which will not burden its members.

What does PACESC believe?

PACESC does not determine your school calendar: We only require, as the law mandates, that your school year is at least 180 days and that membership be kept current during any period that you wish to count as attendance for your students.

Standardized testing will not be required by PACESC: We believe that in accordance with our philosophy, parents must have the freedom to evaluate their children's progress as they feel necessary and most beneficial. Contact us for testing service availability.

No particular curriculum is endorsed: There is a core curriculum that is required by SC Law. Beyond requiring that you follow these guidelines, we acknowledge that families have different core beliefs and values, lifestyles differ, children have different learning styles (what may work for one child may hinder another), and that setting educational goals is the sole responsibility of parents. You may choose among the many available courses of study or design your own.

We will not require you to provide to PACESC anything more than a statement that you are following at least what the law requires for your student per his/her grade level.

PACESC maintains the philosophy that parents have the weighty responsibility of raising and teaching their children according to their beliefs and values in the manner and style of their own choosing. Therefore:

No statement of faith is required by PACESC: We do not ask for denomination affiliation or religious information.

What does PACESC cost?


  • Membership fee is per family (covering all school aged children in the home)
  • Membership period is June 1st (or if joining later in the year: from activation date) through May 31st of the covered Membership Period

Fee Schedule: (All SC Accountability Association Memberships... $40.00

NOTE that all memberships EXPIRE on May 31st. At that time you will need to renew to continue to homeschool into the summer to complete attendance requirements and material if necessary.

  • For Example: the Homeschool Membership Period 2018/2019
    (begins: June 1, 2018 and ends: May 31, 2019)
    cost... $40.00