For those moving into our state or transferring from another association:  No Deadline

For New Homeschoolers: No Deadline.  However, see important reveiw information follows.

Important Details for New Homeschoolers ****

Who do we consider a **“New Homeschoolers” ? ....Answer) Those families never registered with PACESC at anytime in the past. You may be withdrawing a child from public or private school or transferring from another homeschool state or accountability group:

Very Important Information Follows!!!

Q)  Is it a new school year?

A)  Any time during the year, during the summer and up through the first 10 days of your districts school year.... All CAN APPLY to homeschool for the new school year. 


Q)  Is it after the first 10 days of school through March 31?  Are you withdrawing from public or private school (in SC or any other state)?

A)  You may apply without contacting us for review.  We will send you a confirmation letter when you are accepted which you may use to withdraw your student.


Q)  If you wish to take your child out of public school between April 1st and the last day of public or private school.. And you wish to join...

A)  YOU MUST first call our association for a review.

***New Applications will be taken during the above time period by review only! The membership period expiration date (May 31st) will still apply.

Q)  Has your child been expelled from school?

A)  We can help...Call for a review and important information!


Q) Already a homeschooler in another state or association... wanting to join PACESC?

A)  You may join at any time of the year.


If You Have Any Questions????

Please contact us before you apply..  

Application Fee is non-refundable.