• Homeschoolopoly (Click on the boardgame to go to product site.)

Hey... Want a great game for the whole family to enjoy?  I love this homeschool twist to a game my brothers and I grew up with.  Greg and Pamela Berthume have created a game that is wholesome and fun.  AND with every game you receive a packet worth over $600 packed with coupons, discounts, freebies, and more.  The price is very budget friendy at just $29.99 + Free Shipping.  It is a wonderful addition to family game night.  

What happens when you take a favorite family game and give it a homeschool twist? You get HOMESCHOOLOPOLY!


  • From Kindergarten To College: A Concise Guide to Homeschooling, Preparing for College, and Finding Scholarships Along the Way... by Deb Edson

I am very excited about this book.  I have known Deb for many years and have always been impressed with her depth of knowledge.  She has been very active in the homeschool movement upstate.  She homeschooled her own children successfully getting them to college-- helping them secure many scholarships along the way.  Please read the information about her, her children, and this wonderful resource she has prepared to help other homeschoolers accomplish for their own children what she has been able to do.



  • Etiquette program for homeschooler:

Every once in a while, a program comes along that not only teaches our children academically, but also prepares them socially and personally for the future. As we are all aware, we are living in a fast paced and often rude world. Today, manners are often not used...or even taught! This is a scary thought, if we understand the famous quote that says, "the manners of today will be the morals of tomorrow." The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette is presenting "Your Manners Matter" homeschool curriculum for the 2007-2008 school year.

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