Who Can Do That?

A)  In the state of South Carolina, a parent/ legal guardian may teach their child at home IF they have at least a High School Diploma or GED and they are registered under one of the 3 options of accountability (see SC Law page for details).

Can I Teach A Child Other Than My Own?

A)  No, you must be the parent or "legal" guardian of the child you are teaching.  Being a child's grandparent or aunt does not make you a legal guardian.  A legal guardian is established through a lawyer or court system, or by marriage.

What homeschooling is AND What it is NOT!

A) Homeschooling is a legal educational option for parents who wish to teach their own children.  Sometimes it is an act of desperation or last resort.  Most often it is a long, thought out and prayerful decision.  For whatever reason homeschooling is chosen, it is a very serious commitment!  It takes a lot of time, dedication, self-discipline, and yes, there is expense involved!

It is not a venture that should be taken lightly.  It is not a way to circumvent the public school system.  If your child is out of control and you can not impose even the most basic of behavioral limits and controls at home, then homeschooling may not be for you.  However, some parents have been able to "save" their children by bringing them home and restoring order where there was chaos and instilling a sense accomplishment and hard work where there was hopelessness and frustration.

"No child left behind" often means pushing them through whatever the means.  Many children are not learning the basics.  Many schools are not safe, and many families are crumbling within due to the influences from without.

Homeschooling will not magically solve all of your problems.  If you choose to homeschool...

  1. Know your state laws (see our information on the state laws on this site) and understand that you must be registered to begin.
  2. Discuss it with your spouse and your child.  Be in agreement about what commitment it will require, what the goals and schedule will be, and what consequences will be if the commitment is not taken seriously.
  3. Research the styles of home education.  There are different methods and many different resources available.  What materials will you use to teach with?  Will it be computer or text books, parent-led or independent, very structured or relaxed?  Are your goals remediation or accelerating your child's education?
  4. Gather your materials; whether they be new or used, full text book curriculum, or worksheets you find on line.  Know your materials and have goals set.  Have an idea about what needs to be taught and how you will accomplish that.  It is very difficult to "wing it" or "make it up as you go" and often that approach leaves the child without an education.  Both parent and child will be frustrated and feel as if homeschooling is a failure.  
  5. Find support.  Having friends and family in your corner is helpful.  But having other homeschooling families who know the trials and can encourage and mentor you is priceless.  There are probably groups and homeschooling families within your area, or within your church.
  6. Remember to fulfill the requirements of the law and your accountability group.
  7. Homeschooling is legal when requirements are met.  Homeschooling is not for everyone.  If you feel that it is for you and your child, we invite you to join our association.  We are here to answer your questions and help you find materials to be successful.

What is the cost to join PACESC?


  • Membership fee is per family (covering all school aged children in the home)
  • Membership period is June 1st (or if joining later in the year: from activation date) thru May 31st of the covered Academic School Year
Fee Schedule:

(All SC Accountability Association Memberships... $40.00)


  • New Homeschool Membership (enrolls on May 27, 2010): 10/11 PACESC Membership active (June 1, 2010- May 31, 2011)... $40.00
  • Reenrollment Fee (member reenrolls during reenrollment time which begins in April each year): 10/11 PACESC Membership active (June 1, 2010 - May 31, 2011)... $40.00
  • Family Joins or Renews (August 2, 2010): 10/11 PACESC Membership active (August 2, 2010 - May 31, 2011)... $40.00

What if we won't be done by then?

  • A)  Your school year calendar can be whatever works for your family or curriculum... You must, by law, have 180 instructional days per year... If your school calendar will extend beyond May 31st- you need only to reenroll and stay covered to count those days.  The Year End Compliance Statement is sent in at the end of your 180 day period and marks the end of your school calendar.

    What if we will be done earlier than          May 31st?

    A)  You may send in the Year End Compliance Statement once you have completed your 180 days.  If you choose, you may begin a new 180 day school period or take a break.  Your membership coverage will not end until May 31st even if you are accomplishing more than one school year/ grade level during the member period.

    For specific requirements by SC Law... see the "SC Law" page.

    For specific requirements by PACESC... see the "What PACESC Requires" page.

    For answers to other questions, visit our "FAQ" page.