These forms are to be used by permission of PACESC only.  These forms are intended for present PACESC high school students to comply with PACESC's current request for high school student grade reporting due November 15, 2010.


**Use the following forms if you wish to enroll in the Transcript & Diploma Service.

Transcript & Diploma Service Fee Schedule and Enrollment Form

Request for Records Form

Course History Form

Course Evaluation Form

Also include copies of PSAT, SAT, and ACT test scores.  You may also send a list of awards and accomplishments (list by academic year please).


**Use the following forms if do not wish to join the service at this time.  We must still receive your high school student's grade report by November 15th to complete ranking for all students.

Print version:

High School Grade Report Form

Request for Records Form

Also include copies of PSAT, SAT, and ACT test scores.

To Complete Online...

Online High School Grade Report form

Online Grade Report Form for Students NOT Earning High School Credit

Request for Records Form (coming soon)


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