Member Update Form

Use this form to update membership information. All members are required to have current information on file with PACESC.
1. PACESC Member ID
2. Information to Update

3. (1) Parent/ Legal Guardian
4. (2) Parent/ Legal Guardian
5. New Phone Number
6. New Alt. Phone
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8. New Street Address
9. New City
10. New State
11. New Zip
12. New Mail to: Address
13. New Mail to: City
14. New Mail to: State
15. New Mail to: Zip
It is important that PACESC has accurate district information for each family. If you have updated a new physical address, please verify the district that you now live in. Even if it has not changed, please provide the district information so we are sure we have it correct. Thank you.
16. New School Districts (A - C)
17. New School Districts (D - K)
18. New School Districts (L - R)
19. New School Districts (S - Y)
20. Student Name
21. Student DOB
22. Student Grade
23. Student Will Be:

24. Enrollment Issues

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