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Enter Students full name just as you want it to appear on the Report, Transcript, or Diploma.
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Official Report Form: Order to receive Official Report Card for interscholastic participation at local high school, driver discounts for good grades, and any time an official report card is needed. Interim Transcript: Order for child being returned to public or private school or when moving out of state. Full Transcript Service: Order for students who will be needing the final transcript and diploma certificate upon graduation. Order by Junior year to start those scholarship and early admission applications.
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In some cases PACESC needs to request records. Provide the name and contact information if any credit earning course work was completed at a previous public or private school, college, or other group or academic institution that would have records. In addition, parents may need the final report or transcript sent to a school, college, insurance company, etc.
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List the anticipated year the student WILL graduate. For example, it they are are Freshman in 2011-2012, you would enter 2015. You will have an opportunity to specify the EXACT graduation date that will appear on the final transcript and diploma.
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It is important to list the names of parents as you wish them to be listed on the transcript. This can be the custodial parent, biological parents, or a parent and step parent as living in the home. The choice is yours. But PACESC needs to know who will be listed.
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