Withdrawal: Child or Family

Use this form to withdraw your whole family or any one of the children under your family membership.
  • Your PACESC ID number can be found on your membership letter or card. If you do not have it, please be sure to include parent/guardian names below.
  • 1. Person completing form:
    2. Date Submitted
    3. Date WD Effective
    4. PACESC Member ID
    5. Update Information or Withdraw

    6. Withdrawing to...?

    7. (1) Parent/ Legal Guardian
    8. (2) Parent/ Legal Guardian
    9. Phone Number
    10. Email for Confirmation
    11. Street Address
    12. City
    13. State
    14. Zip
  • If withdrawing your entire family and discontinuing your membership, you may stop at this point. SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of this form and "SUBMIT".
  • If you wish to keep your PACESC membership active and withdraw only specific children, please complete the following information for each child you wish WITHDRAWN.
  • 15. (1) Student Name
    16. (1) Student DOB
    17. (1) Reason For Withdrawing:

    Please be aware that if you are sending your child back to public school, you may want PACESC to prepare and send an official transcript to the new school. Please review our Transcript Services for information.
    Thank you for allowing PACESC to serve your homeschooling family.