Year End Compliance Form

The Year-End Compliance Statement is due from each member family once your 180-day instructional period is complete to document compliance with PACESC requirements and the SC Homeschool Law 59-65-47.
Enter Membership ID: This information is located on your membership letter or card.
Membership ID
List the parents/ legal guardians living in the home:
Parent / Legal Guardain
Parent / Legal Guardian
We, the undersigned, affirm that the above named family has enrolled to home school through PACESC: Parent's Association for Christian Education in South Carolina in accordance with section 59-65-47 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina.
We also affirm that we have followed all of the requirements fo PACESC and therefore the requirements of the SC Law as set forth in said law.
* We have a copy of the parent/primary teacher's high school diploma or GED certificate (or higher degree) on hand. We have provided PACESC with the required information for Educational Compliance for the teaching parent.
* We have kept attendance records documenting an instructional period of NO LESS than 180 days.
We Began School Year (mm/dd/yy):
We Ended School Year (mm/dd/yy):
* Our curriculum has included the basic instructional areas required. Namely: reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies for kindergarten through sixth grades. We have added composition and literature for students in grades seventh through twelfth.
* We have kept the required educational documentation including a record of the above instructional subjects and activities engaged in by the student and teacher; and samples of student's academic work; as well as a semi-annual report of academic progress in each of the curriculum areas.
List the students who you HOMESCHOOLED under this PACESC membership during the period covered. Statements above apply to the following students:
Student (1)
Student (2)
Student (3)
Student (4)
Student (5)
Student (6)
Student (7)
Student (8)
Physical Street
Zip Code
Phone Number
By completing the signature information below: I attest that the information provided is true and accurate. I understand giving any inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete information will result in termination of membership, forfeiture of any and all rights and privileges under SC Law section 59-65-47 during this coverage period, and will release PACESC from any liability. We agree to make our homeschool records available upon request if necessary.
Teaching Parent (Legal Guardian) signature required below:
Parent/Teacher Name (Legal Signature)